CBD Oil ( Cannabidiol ) and Withdrawal from Opiates like Heroin

CBD Hemp Oil from Avid Hemp

I’ve always thought that using marijuana to get off of opiate pain killers sounded ridiculous.  Besides, isn’t that the route I initially took towards becoming addicted to heroin in the first place??  Seems like a never ending cycle… I’ve begun to do intense research on the best help an opiate addict could find to stop doing all those pain killers.   It was ruining my life, but the withdrawal symptoms seemed to never go away.  In fact withdrawal symptoms from opiates can last a year or more, as our brains recover physiologically. What I have found is that, although pot can be a gateway drug leading to more addictive drugs, Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil can significantly increase the functioning of the body’s Endocannabinoid system, effectively relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Physiological changes in the brain are ultimately the reason we continued taking these drugs day after day despite the negative consequences we experienced.  All humans strive to experience a wholesome state of satisfaction.  This takes care of our biological needs, such as eating, reproduction (sex) and sharing love.

We know when we are loved, because hormones and neurotransmitters are released in the brain which make us feel loved.  When we don’t experience love, we isolate ourselves increasingly until finally we can’t survive in a society in which social interaction is necessary to meet our needs of getting food and having shelter or paying rent.

If we forgot to eat, we’d become malnourished and die.   We don’t forget to eat because our body communicates with our brain which tells the body it’s hungry through use of the hypothalamus and its relative hormones (which itself is a lipid or oil-like substance).


The Endocannabinoid System

As it turns out, there are other lipids in our brain chemistry that work to help people achieve a state of satisfaction and fulfillment. The Endocannabinoid System is a natural system of biochemical communication which greatly affects our sense of pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction and confidence.  As addicts continue using narcotic opiates, the brains natural chemicals for pleasure and satiety are replaced by the affinity the drugs have for inhabiting  receptors in the brain for our natural chemicals, effectively replacing the natural chemicals with stronger, longer lasting foreignquitting pain killers and opiate drugs by erasing the addiction ones.

Of course they can be natural opioids such as morphine which is derived from hydrocodone, oxycodone and heroin for that matter- or they can be synthetic opioids such Demerol and fentanyl produced by money hungry drug manufacturers who’s ultimate goal is to make these drugs more addictive.  The better these new prescription narcotics fit chemically in our brains, the more our naturally produced endocannabinoids become insufficient, ineffective and ultimately replaced.

This is why as addicts we feel like such shit when we don’t have our fix- our dope.  Our natural hormones and neurotransmitters which make us feel content and okay with life have become impotent or destroyed.  What’s interesting about CBD Oil is that it contains naturally occurring endocannabinoids which are very similar to the ones we have in our brains naturally.  This is why cannabidiol (CBD) Oil is so effective.

Cannabidiol – CBD Oil

Cannabinoid receptors in the brain receive word through natural hormones that make us feel well, content, hydrated, full, energetic and relaxed.  These chemicals are released during exercise and are responsible in part for the “runner’s high.”  During such a state we feel far less pain from inflammation or even an injury.  CBD Oil has been clinically proven to relieve inflammation, which is the primary cause of pain from many illnesses and chronic diseases such as heart disease.

I don’t think that because I played in a funk band as a teen that I became a drug addict, even though most of the others with whom I associated were doing a lot of drugs and drinking a lot of alcohol.  And more so than anything at this time- we were smoking marijuana, and we smoked a damned lot of it.  Eventually in the midst of all this Rock & Roll, sex and marijuana smoking I was introduced to Morphine by people I admired and respected.  I learned that doctors would prescribe hydrocodone laced cough syrup quite easily and that most people had at least half a bottle of it with a refill or two in their medicine cabinets.  Every opiate addict has their own story of how they transitioned through the gateway of hard, injected, street beaten and absolutely desperate world of opioid addiction, but there are far less remedies of how one should then regress back to a balanced and healthy lifestyle of balance and moderation.

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