Study Shows 20% of US Workforce is Affected by Opioid Epidemic

A recent study finds that perhaps 20% of the US workforce is affected by abuse of opiate drugs, such as oxycodone, heroin and oxymorphone (Opana).  In other words, one in every 5 people who works is either directly or indirectly affected by addiction to opiate drugs.  This creates an obvious dilemma.  Obviously maintaining an addiction to heroin and pain pills is expensive.  I remember for so many years not being able to work consistently.  I would have to work so I could buy drugs, but if I got in a rut where I didn’t have the drugs, I’d be physically and mentally unable to work, which creates the catch 22 of then not having any money to get the drugs.  When I heard about Subutex, a reliable friend (in that they were also a drug addict, so I trusted their opinion) he told me that he had taken one pill and was out mowing his lawn that very day.  He also had been chained to a Methadone clinic for years, and so even the idea that there was a prescription I could get, take a pill daily, and function normally was highly welcomed.

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