Find a Subutex / Suboxone Doctor for Addiction Treatment

Life before Suboxone – A non-functioning addict

Alas- Work!  For years all I wanted was to be able to work. I wanted to be able to function without having to take street drugs just to be able to get out of the bed.  When I was addicted to opiate painkillers there was no mention of an epidemic.  Most of my time was spent finding doctors I could convince to write a narcotic prescription – Percocet, Vicodin, maybe ANY TYPE of hydrocodone laced pain killer.  Even though I was at the top of my class academically- blessed with a upbringing in suburban USA- my early 20’s were consumed with finding prescription opioid drugs.  There was absolutely no way I could work, as the pain pills I was taking only lasted a short while.  Though completely able for those 6 or 7 hours to function with charm and arrogance, the impending crash would come all too soon, usually with morning, and I’d find myself sick, starving for a narcotic and useless.  The labor force would have to wait…


Finding my First Suboxone Doctor

I began my search for Subutex (buprenorphine, Suboxone) and found that I would have to find a doctor who could prescribe the medicine.  Of course searching for a doctor who prescribed a medication for withdrawal from opiates was difficult for many reasons. The first being the obvious instability in my life making issues such as keeping a roof over my head and competing with demons for control of my own life.  I lived with my mother who was supportive, though absolutely clueless on the subject.  It’s expensive to see a subutex or suboxone doctor, usually $150 – $350 for the first visit and then a daily fee of $15-$20 or monthly fee of $100 – $300. I remembered a friend telling me about Dr. Bobby P. Kearny at Addiction Recovery Medical Services in Statesville, NC. So I picked up the phone and dialed 704-872-0234​​.  Though I had been on Methadone maintenance 6 different times in my life in 5 different cities by the age of 26, I had finally found one of these ” Suboxone ” doctors and was very excited about trying buprenorphine for the first time.

An addict usually must present him or herself in withdrawal to receive buprenorphine, as it’s generally given as Suboxone at first. Suboxone also contains naloxone which insures addicts refrain from taking any opiates while on Suboxone treatment. It will make you sick as hell and instantly put you into “precipitated withdrawals” which is just like not having any dope in you in the first place- horrible. Less than 3o minutes after I had filled out the paper work I was seeing the doctor. He gave me suboxone and subutex facts you should knowan orange pill and instructed me to put it under my tongue. I was told not to talk or open my mouth for 15 minutes and to just let it dissolve.  Let me tell you something- Suboxone works!  If subs didn’t make you feel good then let’s face it- it wouldn’t be as effective as it is for treating opioid drug addiction.  Very quickly my nose and sinuses began drying back to normal and I felt like my temperature raised 30 degrees (some people feel hot in opiate withdrawal- I feel cold).  All of a sudden glimpses of thoughts starting flowing to my head like- damn, where am I?  Why am I wearing this dirty ass shirt- it’s not hard to put it in a washing machine!  “I bet I could show up for that interview I scheduled and get that job,” I began to think!  “It’s Summer- it’s hot outside!”  “Like, what the fuck am I doing in a doctor’s office sick from nothing but my own reckless behavior and insatiable appetite for narcotics!?”  “I wonder what this doctor thinks about me….” “I wonder what I feel about his clinic…”

All of a sudden that day at Dr. Kearny’s office I began to function again, like a normal human being (sure wish there were a link for that I could provide you), and have that overwhelming warm, calming and secure feeling you get from taking opiate drugs.  To be honest, for the first couple of weeks or so, Suboxone and Subutex make you feel really good.  Having come in sick and withdrawing I was certainly glad that the sub had made me feel so good, but Methadone did as well.  What would be the difference between Methadone and Suboxone?  As a struggling addict, I had that guilty feeling of relief and didn’t really care how long it lasted, as long as the dude (Dr. K) would give me more…  I figured I could get the prescription, take it in the bathroom and snort another one really soon, but to my surprise, that didn’t happen, because the good feeling didn’t diminish!  I continued to feel so good that day that I didn’t want to feel more.  As an addict, you know when you’re at that place where no more would do any good, because you’ve learned to enjoy your buzz and not waste unnecessary supplies!  It would be a long time in the making before I would realize much of the awesome feeling I had was simply because the chemicals in my brain had begun to rearrange in a healthy way that just makes a person feel good naturally- I began to recover. Maybe now I could actually get a job.


This is where I began sublingual buprenorphine (Suboxone), and I would highly recommend their clinic for their dedication, experience and professionalism.  Dr. Kearny devotes a great deal of time personally working with patients, hosting a healthy environment for treatment.

Dr. Bobby Kearny is in Statesville and Taylorsville, NC

Tel.: 704-872-0234

536 Signal Hill Drive Extension
Statesville, NC 28625
31 E Main Avenue
Taylorsville, NC 28681
The following is a list of doctors in North Carolina that prescribe Suboxone or Subutex.  I intend to call each one to get the specifics of treatment, such as group meeting attendance requirements, if any, cost and any relevant details.

1. Dorothy Agbafe – Mosley

1230 Medical Center Dr

Wilmington, NC 28401

0 miles | Get Directions


2. Shamsher Ahluwalia

2716 Troxler Rd

Burlington, NC 27215

0 miles | Get Directions


3. Shamsher Ahluwalia

1105 E Cardinal St

Siler City, NC 27344

0 miles | Get Directions


4. Maqsood Ahmed

2902 Central Heights Rd

Goldsboro, NC 27534

0 miles | Get Directions


5. Ajay Ajmani

111 Dennis Dr Ste 123

Sanford, NC 27330

0 miles | Get Directions


6. Afaque Akhtar

409 Wake Chapel Rd

Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

0 miles | Get Directions


7. Aaron Albert

1328 Lake Park Blvd N Ste 109

Carolina Beach, NC 28428

0 miles | Get Directions


8. Sandra Alexander

12740 Spruce Tree Way Ste 102

Raleigh, NC 27614

0 miles | Get Directions


9. Evelyn Anderson

1301 Dove St

Monroe, NC 28112

0 miles | Get Directions


10. Mark Armitage

5905 Carolina Beach Rd Ste 8

Wilmington, NC 28412

0 miles | Get Directions


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  1. I am addicted to oxycodone and have been in chronic pain and on some form of opioids for 20 year’s. I recently applied for Medicaid and as of now I have no insurance and no money, how can I get the help I need in my situation…??

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